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Ningbo Junye Sports & Stationery Article Co., Ltd
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Enterprise Vision
We seek to become the supplier in the field of sealing products to provide customers with total solutions and project services, and rely on technology research and development, quality control and manufacturing capabilities, through continuous development, so that we become the industry's leading enterprisecounterparts.

Cultural Connotation
We use the endless wisdom of the enterprise culture and to create high-quality products and quality of life.
The culture here, not only contains the knowledge, technology, management theory, behavioral character and values ... ... all to promote a positive factor for enterprise development.

Human Capital
Careful effective management practice is our greatest asset. Respect for knowledge and personality, recruit more capable personnel, team effort is the cause of sustainable growth of our inherent power. We emphasize the value of human capital continue to take precedence over the objectives of the objectives of financial capital appreciation.

Technology Leadership
Seal the area to absorb a wide range of latest research results, in the basis of an independent, open cooperation to develop leading-edge technology system, with our excellent products to build the industrial base as firm as a rock.
Our goal is to have the sealing technology to provide customers with total solutions and project services,technical support system.

Quality objectives
Our goal is quality products, reliable performance, effective service and superior cost-effective to continue to meet the growing needs of customers.
Quality is the pursuit of high-tech people the eternal theme.
Core Competence
To rely on quality products, efficient marketing team by providing customers with considerate after-sales service is our core competitiveness.

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